Guitar Builders

Todd Cambio's Fraulini Guitars .
Michael Hauver's Blues Guitars .
Devin Champlin's Guitars and Mandolinettos .
Steve Chipman's Vintage Parlor Guitars.
An interview with Steve Chipman of Vintage Parlor Guitars.
Republic Reso-phonic Guitars.
National Guitars - Single Cone, Tricone and Spider Cone Resonator Guitars.
John How Guitars - Ladder Braced, X Braced and Modern Guitars.
Anne Hartman Banjos & Guitars .
Berkeleymusic - Classical, Flamenco, Hawaiian Lap Steel Guitars and more.
Banjos on Salt Spring - They build guitars as well as banjos.
Clinesmith Instruments - Resonator and Hawaiian Guitars.
Bear Creek Instruments - Weissenborn Style Guitars.
Gold Tone Instruments - Weissenborn, Resonator, Lap Steel, Banjitars.
Asher Guitars and Lap Steels - Acoustic and Electric Models.
Charles Freeborn Guitars - Form Meets Function.
Lutrell Guitars - A custom guitar building shop & repair facility.
New Era Guitars - Models based on Larson Bros., Regal, Kalamazoo and other guitars.
Fairbanks Guitars - Models based on Gibson, Oscar Schmidt, Regal, and other guitars.
Paracho Elite Guitars - Handmade Stringed Instruments from Mexico.