Juneberry78s Listening Room
Early Rural Black Fiddlers by Title

Note the lower and uppercase sort sequence difference

Blue Coat Blues Blue Coat Tom Nelson
Fattenin' Frogs Mobile Strugglers
Forty Drops Andrew And Jim Baxter
Frost Texas Tornado Blues Texas Alexander
Georgia Crawl Henry Williams And Eddie Anthony
Highway No. 61 Jack Kelly
J.C. Johnson's Blues T.C. Johnson and Blue Coat Tom Nelson
Memphis Blues Mobile Strugglers
Peg Leg Stomp Peg Leg Howell
Rustlin' Man State Street Boys
Seen Better Days Texas Alexander
The Moore Girl Andrew And Jim Baxter
Too Toght Blues Peg Leg Howell
Violin Blues T.C. Johnson Boys
Walking Blues Chasey Collins
atlanta town chasey collins
boodie bum bum memphis jug band
camp nelson blues booker orchestra
coal river blues blind percy & his blind band
dance hall shuffle dixieland jug blowers
doctor medicine south memphis jug band
farrell blues henry sims
forked deer taylor's kentucky boys
four day blues tommie bradley
frog hop clifford hayes louisville stompers
g rag georgia yellow hammers
gray eagle taylor's kentucky boys
i'm going away blues frank stokes
jail bird love song jacobs and carter
jake leg blues mississippi sheiks
mammy o' mine old southern jug band
mean florida blues macon ed and tampa joe
memphis shakedown memphis jug band
my love is cold memphis jug band
national blues dixieland jug blowers
old folks shake kentucky jazz babies
old sometimes blues frank stokes
papa stobb blues peg leg howell
please baby mississippi sheiks
red ripe tomatoes jack kelly
right now blues frank stokes
runnin' wild james cole
stack o' dollars (1935) joe williams
still i'm traveling on mississippi sheiks
tell me man blues henry sims
the petter's stomp clifford hayes louisville stompers
turkey buzzard blues peg leg howell
undertaker blues buster johnson
where you been so long tommie bradley
wild cow blues (1935) joe williams
worrying blues macon ed and tampa joe
yodeling fiddling blues jacobs and carter
you're ticklin' me dixieland jug blowers