The Juneberry78s Mobile App for your Smart Phone

As you have probably noticed Desktop Websites don't work well with Smart Phones.
The text is very tiny, unreadable and if you use your fingers to expand you only see a small area of the webpage.
For the above and other reasons Mobile Apps were developed.
We tried several and determined the dudamobile app works best with our Juneberry78s website.
This App is free. Here's how to preview it and activate it on your Smart Phone.

1. Preview from your PC
>> From your Desktop (or Notebook or Netbook) Click Here to preview a working sample on your PC.
>> Use your mouse on the virtual phone screen like you would point with your fingers (or pointer) on your phone.
>> If you use the Listening Rooms you may need to use the webpage back arrow to return after listening.
>> The same can be true for Blog, Links, other non mobile pages. This technique is not necessary on your devices (see below).

2. Go Live on your Smart Phone
>> On your Smart Phone do a Google or similar search for
>> When you open the link you will be automatically be re-directed to use the Juneberry mobile app instead of the desktop web pages.
>> If you want, save the app to your Bookmarks.

3. Tablet Devices.
>> 10 inch tablets work fine with most Desktop Websites so this Mobile App is not necessary.
>> I am testing several 7 inch tablets and will publish the results when testing has been completed.

4. Miscellaneous notes
>> Since our MP3s in the Listening Rooms have a lower bit rate you should not have trouble downloading & listening to them.
>> Please give us feedback - pros, cons, any broken links?, etc. email -> j u n e b e r r y 7 8 s AT g m a i l DOT c o m
>> Previously we tried a Mobile App for Juneberry78s from a different vendor that did not work well with our Website.
>> This led to us finding this Mobile Appp powered by dudamobile.
>> The dudamobile app was designed to run on iPhones, Android Phones, Windows Phones as well as Blackberry Phones.

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